Shawn Dolan, CLPE
Owner: FEDS, LLC

“M.A.P Stick is the answer to a latent print examiner’s biggest obstacle, poor record prints.

Our AFIS results, our comparisons, and ultimately, our conclusions all rely on the existence of clear and complete 10 print records to compare to our latent prints recovered from crime scenes.

I am an IAI Certified Latent Print Examiner and I have been a practitioner in the field for over 17 years. I’ve trained booking officers, re-trained them and then trained them again trying the impress the importance of collecting complete and clear record prints from every individual at every arrest.

Whether with ink or Livescan, the officers’ main complaint for delivering poor prints had less to do with the process and had more to do with an individual’s skin condition: dry skin due to weather, medical conditions, wrinkled skin, or jobs that wear away their ridge detail. I would provide these officers with a variety of “tricks” to handle each of these dilemmas but M.A.P. Stick solves all of these problems in one quick and easy step. It’s a simple swipe on the fingers or palms. Not to mention, it’s invisible, and results are immediate so that there is no wait time, relieving officers and belligerent arrested persons from digging deep for extra patience. And for me, it means more quality record prints are available for comparison.”


Deputy Sheriff Pat Hurley
Bureau of Criminal Investigations

“Over the past several years, I have worked both sides of criminal fingerprinting. I have fingerprinted thousands of suspects during bookings and processed hundreds of crime scenes for latent fingerprints. Having seen the less-than-Perfect partial prints available at crime scenes, I know firsthand the chance of matching a person to a latent print requires a quality intake print to be on record.

Using M.A.P. Stick during the booking process allows the best possible print to be scanned and solves the problems related to other products. I have tried a few liquid enhancement products and found them to be messy and require a lot of cooperation by the suspect.  Also, they cannot be used around the breathalyzer due to the high alcohol content.

M.A.P. Stick is quick and easy to apply and reduces the need to rescan rejected images which is a great time saver for me, especially dealing with agitated suspects! I would recommend M.A.P. Stick to all law enforcement officers that use the livescan to capture prints during booking.”


Paul F. Souza
I.A.I. Certified Latent Print Examiner

“I am pleased to recommend Applied World Solutions’ latest product for increasing friction ridge fingerprint capture. If you are in the forensic field using electronic fingerprint scanners, this product is amazing.

On all levels of fingerprint capture, this product exponentially increases the usable amount of ridge detail. Being a latent print examiner, the more ridge events you have to work with, the better your chance of making a comparison identification.

Every fingerprint capture operator should have this safe, easy to use and reliable item handy. Applied World Solutions also has an excellent history of reliability and competence in developing integral products for the betterment of our identification profession. I’m glad to use their products.”


Michael Coffey, C.C.S.I
IAI Certified Crime Scene Investigator

“As a Deputy Sheriff and crime scene investigator in the state’s largest county, I typically process 300 – 400 prisoners a year. With the ever-advancing technology in livescan imaging equipment, obtaining high-quality fingerprint images with crisp ridge detail is more challenging than ever.

I’ve tried all sorts of balms, creams and fluids in an attempt to acquire the very best image. Balms smear, creams are a hassle to clean and fluids were just a waste of time, resulting in more rejects than accepted scans.

Frustrated, I tried M.A.P. Stick – a solid, safe and easy to apply paste stick that never smears, requires minimal clean up and produces sharp, clean and highly detailed images on the very first attempt. Simply put, the higher the image quality the more identifications. M.A.P. Stick is a fantastic and portable product that reduces processing time!”