Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is M.A.P.?

A: M.A.P. is a proprietary and patent pending solid that is applied directly or indirectly to the skin to allow the livescan device to capture the best possible image on the first attempt.

Q: What does M.A.P. stand for?

A: M.A.P. stands for Minutia Advancement Paste. Minutia is the individual details, (found in friction ridge skin) that is used to identify a specific print or person.

Q: Is M.A.P. safe to use?

A: M.A.P. is non-toxic and contains a safe antimicrobial ingredient that prevents the spread of germs.

Q: Why is M.A.P. a solid?

A: Other products in liquid form make it very difficult to apply the proper amount needed without over applying. Unlike the liquid products, M.A.P. will not spill or evaporate causing expensive waste.

Q: How does M.A.P. work?

A: M.A.P. replaces the body’s natural oils in a very precise and easy to control manner. By adding moisture via natural oils rather than water M.A.P. will not evaporate during the scanning process therefore eliminates the need to reapply. Due to M.A.P.’s solid form, the user can apply just the amount needed unlike the liquid products that dispense too much, causing a mess.

Q: What is the melting point of M.A.P.?

A: Lab tests have concluded that if left at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 weeks, it will not melt or separate. This will make M.A.P. softer but will still perform properly. Once M.A.P. is back at room temperature, it will perform as normal. It is not recommended that M.A.P. be left in vehicles or in direct sunlight for extended periods during very high temperatures. Once M.A.P. has been heated past the melting point and has become liquid, M.A.P. will regain its solid form once cooled but will not work as intended and should be discarded.

Q: What is each size or container used for?


  • .01 oz. hinge top – This is for a single use, throw away option if only scanning fingertips.
  • .15 oz. oval tube – This is used for use on the entire length of all fingers and the palm area as well. The smaller tube provides a more portable option or a more economic option for departments/users with less volume.
  • .5 oz. jumbo tube – This is the standard size for most applications where the whole hand is scanned. This round tube is easier to manipulate and will allow for higher volume than the .15 oz. tube.
  • .15 oz. hinge top – This is primarily used for those who will be enrolling personnel into a access control system or for those scanning a high volume of fingertips only. Some users can mount this in a police cruiser for mobile fingerprint reading systems or on a countertop in the HR department where new hires are given biometric access clearance to the building/office.

Q: How many uses will I get for each size?


  • .01 oz. – While it was designed for a single person to use then discard, there is enough MAP for all ten fingertips of one person or ten single fingertips of 10 different people.
  • .15 oz. oval tube  – There will be enough for over 100 sets of hands INCLUDING palms.
  • .5 oz. jumbo tube – There will be enough for over 300 sets of hands INCLUDING palms.
  • .15 hinge-top  – This contains enough M.A.P. for over 1,000 single fingertip applications.

Q: Does M.A.P. have to be washed off after use?

A: No. When applied properly M.A.P. can barely be felt on the skin and is not sticky or greasy.

Q: Can M.A.P. be used with scanners with have silicone pads over the glass?

A: Yes. Because M.A.P. does not contain alcohol, it can be used without harming the silicone pad.

Q: Should I see a residual image on the monitor after using M.A.P.?

A: NO. Just as a normal finger will leave a smudge on a window, M.A.P. will leave a bit of residue on the glass scanner. This is normal, but if you see an image appear on the monitor, you are applying too much. Just wipe the glass off with the back of your gloved hand or a microfibre cloth. NO cleaning agent is needed to clean the glass properly.

Q: How much M.A.P. do I need to apply?

A: Only a very small amount of M.A.P. is needed. Because M.A.P. does not evaporate, you can apply incremental amounts to get the desired effect.

Q: Can M.A.P. be over applied?

A: Over-application of M.A.P. will not interfere the fingerprint, but will leave more residue on the glass that may show up on the scan.

Q: What is the shelf life for M.A.P.?

A: If unopened, M.A.P. will last a few years depending on the environment; however, once opened, it is best to use within a few months (depending on number of uses).

Q: Will M.A.P. interfere with the breathalyzer machine results?

A: M.A.P. contains no alcohol so it should not interfere with the results of the breath test.


Q: Can I design a custom label for M.A.P. products?

A: Yes. Company logos can be added or complete custom labels can be designed for your specific requirements. Final label design must be mutually agreed upon by Applied World Solutions and the customer.

Q: What are the requirements for custom M.A.P. labels?

A: Orders for 500 pieces or more of one size qualify for custom labeling and require a $100.00 one-time artwork fee per product. The design will be kept on file and future orders of the same label can be added for no additional fee. Please note each size of M.A.P. requires a different label due to shape and size and the one-time fee will apply to each. Final label design must be mutually agreed upon by Applied World Solutions and the customer.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a custom label?

A: Custom labels do not add time to the order as long as the artwork is supplied within 24 hours of ordering. The order should be shipped within 10 business days regardless of ordering a custom label or not.

Q: What is the turnaround time on large orders?

A: Orders under 100 pieces ship next day. Orders over 100 pieces should ship within 10 business days

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